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Thirteenth Pacific Island Climate Outlook Forum (PICOF-13)

Pacific Islands Climate Outlook Forum (PICOF) - 13


  1. To analyse the various seasonal climate and ocean data, forecast guidance for the Pacific region considering the accuracy, utility, weaknesses and strengths;
  2. Develop a consensus climate, ocean and tropical cyclone outlooks for the Pacific Island region;
  3. To discuss how NMHSs make the regional climate and ocean outlooks nationally relevant, identification of impacts, implications, risks including the formulation of response strategies; and
  4. To develop effective communication strategies, media versions of the outlooks which involves media experts.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Regional statement (2022/23) and outlooks (2023/24) on climate, ocean and tropical cyclones developed including impact and risk information; and
  2. Media version of the regional statement developed and disseminated in different platforms.


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