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Training function

Node Lead: SPREP

Consortium members: NOAA, SPC, UPNG, BoM, NIWA, CSIRO

Function Products Coverage Provider
RCC product specifications & methodologies

Methodologies and specifications to be implemented by node leads and consortium members for all RCC products and services (to be evaluated during demonstration phase)

Pacific RCC region

All contributing members

  Socio-economic benefit analysis for climate services Pacific RCC region CSIRO
Training coordination Inventories of training opputunities Pacific RCC region SPREP, NOAA, UPNG, BoM, NIWA
  UCAR COMET Program Pacific RCC region UCAR/NWS
  Training on RCC products (particular related to sectors) is held at PICOFs Pacific RCC region RCC Nodes on data, monitoring and LRF
  Oceans and Tides training Pacific RCC region SPC


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