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This is the Home of the WMO RA-V Pacific Regional Climate Centre.

It will go live after the endorsement of the PMC-4 in August.

The RA V Pacific RCC Network in its initial phase consists of five nodes. Each node is composed of a consortium led by a lead institution or co-leads:

Node Title Lead Agency/Co-Lead Consortium Members
Node on Long-Range Forecasting NIWA & BoM Meteo-France, NOAA, UH, SPREP & SPC
Node on Climate Monitoring NOAA & UH BoM, SPC, SPREP & NIWA
Node of Operational Data Services BoM NOAA, UH, SPC & NIWA
Climate Change Projections Function CSIRO USGCRP, BoM & SPREP


Overall RCC Co-ordination

NIWA New Zealand will co-ordinate the initial implementation and demonstration of the RCC Network. Mr Andrew Tait from NIWA (, who is also the chair of the PICS Panel, will be the RCC co-ordinator. This role will be reviewed after 3 years and can be rotated among the Node lead institutions.

Management committee

A committee consisting of the RCC co-ordinator plus Mr Sunny Seuseu (SPREP), Mr Geoff Gooley (CSIRO), Mr David Jones (BoM), Mr John Marra (NOAA), Mr Jens Kruger (SPC) and Mr Sam Maiha (Vice-Chair PICS Panel, Papua New Guinea Weather Service) will form the management committee for the RCC. This group will be responsible for the overall co-ordination of the RCC and it will be chaired by the RCC co-ordinator. It is anticipated that meetings will mostly be via video-conference.

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