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Climate Projections

Highly recommended functions-Climate Projections

Node Lead: CSIRO

Consortium members: US GCRP, BoM, USP, SPREP

Function Products Coverage Provider
Use of CMIP simulations;Downscaling;Guidance materials Regional and national/sub-national projections Pacific RCC region (14 countries) except Hawaii CSIRO
  Pacific Climate Futures tool to analyse raw and downscaled CMIP3 and CMIP5 model data to inform risk and vulnerability assessment Pacific RCC region (14 countries) except Hawaii CSIRO, BoM

Downscaled climate modelling (dynamical and statistical)

  • Hawaii
  • American Samoa
  • Guam
Central and Western Pacific Pacific RISA, USGS PICSC, UH IPRC
Training Climate change science training materials (including use of Pacific Climate Futures tool and all PACCSAP climate science publications including technical report, summary report and updated country brochures) Pacific RCC region (14 countries) except Hawaii CSIRO, SPREP
Research and Development Pre-planning strategy to scope out a climate research function for the Pacific Climate Change Centre Pacific RCC region CSIRO, SPREP
Data services Pacific Climate Futures tool for accessing projections data and for applying projections to observed data (for generating application ready data sets) Pacific RCC region CSIRO, BoM

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