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Climate Data

Climate data function

Node Lead: BoM

Consortium members: NOAA, UN APDRC, SPC, NIWA

Function Products Coverage Provider
Regional data sets

Pacific Climate Change Data Portal (includes some homogenized data records)

Pacific RCC region except Hawaii


  GHCN and ISD (temp, precip, winds, etc.) Pacific RCC region (Mostly US Stations) NOS/COOPS, SPC
  UHSLC/GLOSS Fast Delivery (FD) and Research Quality Data (RQD) Pacific RCC region (global) UHSLC
  Asia Pacific Data Research Center (APDRC) data portal (satellite, model, and station data) Pacific RCC region/global UH APDRC
  Pacific Ocean Portal Pacific RCC region SPC
Data management services for NMHSs

Regionally distributed climate database CLiDE

Pacific RCC region


  Tideda – Database used in National Hydrological Services Southwest Pacific NIWA


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