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PMC Meetings

The PMC Meetings

The PMC meeting started in 1993 as the Regional Meteorological Services Directors (RMSD) and first met in Port Vila, Vanuatu to discuss how the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) can best be supported in order to effectively contribute to strengthening the resilience and security of the Pacific Communities to climate change. The meeting was a recommendation from a study carried out in 1991 called the Changing Climate in Paradise which emphasized on the need for annual meetings by the Pacific Island Meteorological and Hydrological Services to provide a foundation for regional cooperation in climate monitoring and climate data services. Eighteen (18) years and 14 RMSD meetings later in 2011, the 1st Meeting of the Pacific Meteorological Council was held in Majuro, Republic of Marshall Islands on the 8th - 12th of August 2011 and endorsed the Pacific Islands Meteorological Strategy (PIMS) 2012-2021 and the Pacific Meteorological Desk Partnership (PMDP), hosted and based within the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP).


RMSD1 Vanuatu,1993
RMSD-1 Vanuatu,1993 (Photo: Arona Ngari)











 RMSD2 Samoa, 1995
 RMSD-3 Samoa, 1995 (Photo: Arona Ngari)











RMSD3 Samoa, 1997.jpg
RMSD-4 Samoa, 1997 (Photo: Arona Ngari)












 RMSD5 Hawaii
 RMSD-5 Hawaii, 1998 (Photo: Arona Ngari)











RMSD8 Fiji, 2001
RMSD-8 Fiji, 2001 (Photo: Arona Ngari)











 RMSD9 Tonga, 2003
 RMSD-9 Tonga, 2003 (Photo: Arona Ngari)











RMSD10 Niue, 2007
RMSD-10 Niue, 2005 (Photo: Arona Ngari)
 RMSD11 Noumea, 2006
 RMSD-11 Noumea, 2006 (Photo: SPREP)


RMSD12 Cook Islands, 2007 (Photo-SPREP)
RMSD-12 Cook Islands, 2007 (Photo-SPREP)


RMSD13 Nadi 2009
RMSD-13 Fiji, 2009 (Photo: Arona Ngari)


RMSD14 and PMC-1 Marshalls,  2011
RMSD-14 and PMC-1 Marshal Islands, 2011 (Photo: SPREP)
PMC-2 Fiji, 2013
PMC-2 Fiji, 2013 (Photo: SPREP)
PMC-3 Tonga
PMC-3 Tonga, 2015 (Photo: SPREP)
PMC-4 Solomon Islands, 2017
PMC-4 Solomon Islands, 2017 (Photo: SPREP)
PMC-5 Samoa, 2019 (Photo: SPREP)


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