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Fifth Meeting of the Pacific Meteorological Council (PMC-5)



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(The Concept Note in PDF for the PMC-5 can be downloaded here)

The Government of Samoa through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE) is the host of the Fifth meeting of the Pacific Meteorological Council (PMC-5) in Apia from 05 to 09 August 2019. The meeting will bring together PMC’s members[1], senior government’s officials from SPREP member countries and development partners, Council of the Regional Organisations in the Pacific (CROP), United Nations’ agencies, collaborating organizations and institutions to discuss, promote and explore opportunities to strengthen weather, climate, water and ocean services in the context of sustainable development.  

The PMC is a specialized subsidiary body of SPREP established to facilitate and coordinate the scientific and technical programme and activities of the Regional Meteorological Services in region.  The PMC comprises the Directors/heads of Meteorological Services of SPREP Members  with the objectives aimed to strengthen the capacity of the NMHSs thus contributing to the safety, well‐being, and development aspirations of the people of the Pacific during the provision of weather, climate, and related development services by: (i) providing an open forum for members to discuss and collaborate on issues related to the advancement of meteorological services in the Pacific; (ii) building on mutual and complementary strengths to develop innovative approaches that help sustain national and regional development goals stated by each nation; and (iii) collaborating with partner organizations and agencies in related sectors to achieve development objectives.

The PMC has also established six multi-institutional expert working groups to provide technical advice to the PMC and coordinate their efforts to implement some for the fundamental priorities of the met services in the region. The PMC Panels are; (i) Pacific Island Climate Services (PICS) Panel; (ii) Pacific Island Education, Training and Research (PIETR) Panel; (iii)  Pacific Island Marine and Oceans Services (PIMOS) Panel; (iv) Pacific Island Communication and Infrastructure (PICI) Panel; (v) Pacific Island Aviation Weather Services (PIAWS) Panel and; (vi) Pacific Hydrology Services (PHS) Panel.

The Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs), CROP organisations, development partners, collaborating organizations and institutions take enormous pride in their contributions to sustainable development of the PICTs they have made to date. This meeting will assist with the coordination efforts of the NMHSs and partners to ensure that gaps in delivering appropriate and timely information to save lives are discussed and addressed.


Venue and Dates of PMC-5 
The PMC-5 will be held at the TATTE Conference Centre in Apia, Samoa, from the 7th to 9th of August, 2019.

PMC-5 Theme 
The theme for the 2019 PMC-5 is "Science to Services for a Resilient Pacific"

PMC Objectives:
a)    Continue to facilitate coordination, networking, sharing of information and discussions among PMC's members, development partners, CROP agencies, United Nations’ agencies, collaborating organisations and institutions on current status and advancement of weather, climate, water and ocean services in support of national development and a resilient Pacific;
b)    Discuss the contribution of the NMHSs in implementing the Framework for Resilient Development, the Sendai Framework (FRDP), the Pacific Climate Change Centre, the recent WMO Reform
c)    Review the progress in the implementation of the “Pacific Island Meteorological Strategy” through the PMC Panel work;
d)    Provide an opportunity for Women in Meteorology and Hydrology as well as national stakeholders to participate in the PMC

Expected Outcomes of PMC-5  
The expected outcomes of the PMC-5 meeting are:
a)    Awareness of the shared progress and issues since PMC-4;  
b)    Strengthened partnership and networking with development partners, CROP organisations, collaborating organisations and institutions;
c)    Increased awareness of potential direct access to financial resources by PICTs for development and advancement of weather, climate, water and ocean services;
d)    Clear linkages provided on how the NMHSs can contribute towards implementing the various strategic priorities outlined in the FRDP and other relevant strategies
e)    Endorsement of the Pacific Climate Change Science and Services Research Roadmap, discussion on the  PMC Engagement Strategy and the Hydrology Gaps and Needs Assessment in the Pacific
f)    Updates provided from the PMC Panels (PICS, PIAWS, PIMOS, PIETR, PICI, PHS) on progress of their works and directions for future works of PMC in the development of weather, climate, water, and ocean services.

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