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Seasonal Climate Outlooks in Pacific Island Countries (SCOPIC)


Seasonal Climate Outlooks in Pacific Island Countries (SCOPIC) is a decision support tool which generates seasonal outlooks for rainfall, temperature, or other climate-related factors.

SCOPIC was developed to provide Pacific Island nations with an accessible, stand-alone seasonal climate prediction system.

The software uses a statistical method to determine forecast probabilities, based on historic data.

The software also provides graphics and texts to support the outlooks, including skill tests, hindcasts, data-browsing, statistical analyses, scatter plots, and drought monitoring.

The software is used by eleven National Meteorological Services in Pacific Island countries.




Before installing please uninstall the previous version. Look for uninstaller.jar in the Uninstaller folder which is located in a SCOPIC4 folder. This will most likely be in your C drive, Users Directory.

There will also be a SCOPIC4 folder in your Documents folder – DO NOT delete this folder as it contains your predictands and definitions files.


To download please send a request to the Pacific Met Desk


Version 4.4.17-rc2

This is a pre-release version of SCOPIC which includes changes to nino description source uri

Change log

  • Fix drought recovery percentage calculation
  • Update NINO.desc definition source uri

Past Releases

Version 4.4.16

This is the first release with contributed code from SPREP developers

Change log

  • Updated data and text on Hindcast
  • Adjusted monthly data period calculation
  • Update contact information
  • Adjusted PieChart dialog colours
  • Minor bug fixes

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