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Development Partner and Donor Engagement Meeting
17th August 2023


The Pacific Region has made significant investments in enhancing weather, climate, hydrological,  ocean and related development services resulting in strengthening the capability and capacity of the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs). Additionally, significant investments are needed for the region to achieve full potential in the provision of such services, which has been mobilizing several stakeholders including the Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs), donors, development partners on scoping, resources mobilization and implementing programmes and projects in the region. Effective, inclusive and sustainable coordination among such a growing number of donors and partners engaged in climate change, disaster risk reduction and other related disciplines is crucial to ensure accurate, timely, action-oriented and people-centered forecasts and warnings for extreme and high impact hydro-meteorological events.


The Pacific Meteorological Council (PMC) Development Partner and Donor Engagement Meeting requested by the Pacific Meteorological Council in 2019 will closely aligns with other regional initiatives and the WMO Partner Coordination Mechanisms initiative. The meeting will ensure a systematic information exchange, collaboration, and harmonization of interventions. By optimizing and building on existing partnership and engagement platforms, the meeting aims to strengthen collaboration and coordination among PICTs, development partners, donors, CROP agencies and United Nations agencies for further investments in weather, climate, hydrology, oceans and related development services – such as the Weather Ready Pacific Programme and Early Warning for All (EW4All) Initiative.


The meeting’s objectives are aligned towards strengthening coordination and synergizing of efforts, prioritizing the needs of the Pacific region, and supporting sustainable development, resilience development and preparedness in the face of hydro-meteorological disasters. For that, the meeting also aims to have a common agreement on the basis of the PMC Development Partner Coordination Mechanism, which will sustain coordination efforts. Discussions will center on ongoing activities, leveraging a coordination dashboard for updates and promoting effective strategies and sharing best practices.



  1. Ensure donors and partners have access to information on weather, water, climate, and ocean and related initiatives and programs in the Pacific region.
  2. Foster effective, sustainable and inclusive actions to support the Weather Ready Pacific Programme: Discuss the governance framework for the Weather Ready Pacific Programme and ensure the sustainability and inclusiveness of partner-related coordination efforts in the Pacific region.
  3. Drive collaboration, coordination and networking: Facilitate collaboration, coordination, exchange, and networking among development and donor partners and NMHSs on the PMC priorities.
  4. Explore a framework for continuous and sustainable engagement and information sharing: PMC Development Partner Coordination Mechanism.



Expected Outcomes

  1. Enhanced engagement of development partners and donors with current PICTs challenges, needs and priorities, in weather, climate, hydrology, oceans and related development services.
  2. Improved awareness and alignment among development partners and donors regarding the Weather Ready Pacific Programme and its governance framework as well as existing and future opportunities for support.
  3. Defined targeted interventions for efficient resource mobilization, coordination, and investment for increased resilience to weather, climate, hydrology, and oceans related hazards in the Pacific region.
  4. Strengthened collaboration, coordination and networking among development and donor partners, PICTs, PMC and NMHSs for the Weather Ready Pacific Programme and enhanced weather, water, climate, ocean and related development services in the Pacific.
  1. Establishment of the PMC Development Partner Coordination Mechanism and its framework of engagement, tailored to address challenges and needs in the Pacific.

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