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Climate Information Services (CIS) Directory

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Vanuatu Climate Information Services (CIS) Directory:

The following climate information services tools and services were developed by the Vanuatu Climate Information Services for Resilient Development Planning (VanKIRAP) project with funding support from the Green Climate Fund (GCF). 

VanKIRAP Project leaflet

OSCAR - Decision Support Tool for Agriculture

a. Tailored System of Climate Services for Agriculture (OSCAR)

a.1 OSCAR User Manual - Web

a.2 OSCAR User Manual - Mobile Web

a.3 OSCAR System Guideline

a. 4 OSCAR development report

a. 5 Crop Climate Diary Manual

a. 6 Vanuatu Soil Sampling and Analysis 

a.7 OSCAR Launch video

a.8 OSCAR lessons learnt and impact video


 Vanuatu Climate Futures Portal

b.1 VCFP brochure

b.2 Introducing VCFP video

b.3. VCFP Walk-through video - Overview

b.4 VCFP Walk-through video - Climate Mapping Tool

b.5 VCFP Walk-through video - Agriculture sector case study

b.6 VCFP Walk-through video - Infrastructure sector case study


ClimateWatch App Vanuatu

i. Android version 3.6.0

ii. iOS version

iii. WebApp


Vanuatu Guide to making climate hazard-based impact assessments

i. Vanuatu Guide to making climate hazard-based impact assessment (video)


Traditional Knowledge 

i. ClimateWatch App

ii. Vanuatu Traditional Knowledge Strategy

iii. Vanuatu National Traditional Knowledge Indicator Booklet


Community-specific Traditional Knowledge calendars

iv. Traditional Knowledge (TK) information products - - - Varsu community TK calendar

v. Traditional knowledge calendar for Pelvus community, Santo island

vi. Traditional knowledge calendar for Niku community, Epi island

vii. Traditional knowledge calendar for Nikaura community, Epi island

viii. Traditional knowledge calendar for Malovuko community, Santo island

ix. Traditional knowledge calendar for Malau community, Santo island


Provincial Traditional Knowledge calendars

x. Torba Provincial TK calendar

xi. Sanma Provincial TK calendar

xii. Malampa Provincial TK calendar

xiii. Shefa Provincial TK calendar

xiv. Tafea Provincial TK calendar

xv. Penama Provincial TK calendar


Sector bulletins

1. Agrometeorogy bulletins - - - Vanuatu Agromet Bulletin User Guide

2023 Agromet bulletins:

i. January 2023

ii. April 2023

iii. May 2023

iv. June 2023

v. Sept 2023

vi.October 2023

vii. November 2023 


2024 Agromet bulletins

viii. January 2024 | February 2024 |  March 2024 | April 2024


2. Tourism Sector Climate Bulletinst

3. Fisheries Sector Climate Bulletins


Vanuatu Road Design Guide

i. Vanuatu Road Design Guide


Sarakata Flood Management Plan and Early Warning System

i. Sarakata Flood Management Plan and Early Warning System and Standard Operating Procedures

ii. Sarakata River Monitoring Gauge Realtime Dashboard


Vanuatu Climate Maps

i. Vanuatu Climate Maps - Atlas

ii. Vanuatu Climate Maps Report

iii. Vanuatu Climate Map - End of Contract/Training Report

iv. Climate Maps Training Workbook Guide 


Vanuatu Hazard-based Impact Assessment Guide

i. Vanuatu Hazard-based Impact Assessment Guide


Policies and Strategies

i. Vanuatu Meteorology and Geohazards Department Data Management and Government Policy

i.a.  Cost recovery mechanisms and models for VMGD

i.b. User guidelines and procedures for data management and governance for VMGD

i.c Inception report for the development of a data management and governance policy for VMGD


Vanuatu Rapid Climate Risk Framework, Methodology and Case study

ii.a. Vanuatu Rapid Climate Risk Framework, Methodology and Case studies

ii.b. Vanuatu Rapid Climate Risk Framework - Inception report

ii.c. Vanuatu Rapid Climate Risk Framework - Stakeholders consultation report

ii.d. Guidance notes - Rapid Climate Risk Framework (draft)

ii.e. RCAF Excel Toolkit


Climate Information Services (CIS) Sector Policy Review, Action and Communication Plans

iii. Sector Policy Review, Climate Information Action and Communications Plans - Agriculture - Fisheries - Tourism - Infrastructure - Water 

iv. Cost recovery mechanism and models appropriate for VMGD


Gender Equality, Disability and Social Inclusion Plan

v. VanKIRAP Gender Equality, Disability and Social Inclusion Plan (GEDSI) Plan


Communications Strategy and Implementation Plan

vi. VanKIRAP Communications Strategy and Implementation Plan


Cost-benefit Analysis (CBA) for the Weather Radar System for Vanuatu

vii. Radar Systems for the Climate Information Services for Resilient Development Planning in Vanuatu - Cost benefit analysis (CBA)

viii. Tropical Cyclone Outlook Guidance - 2022/23 Cyclone Season - 2023/24 Cyclone Season


Community Engagement Strategy

ix. VanKIRAP Community Engagement Strategy

xi. VanKIRAP Facebook Social Media 


Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP)

xi. VanKIRAP Environmental Social Management Plan (Project-wide)

xii. VanKIRAP Environmental Social Management Plan (Weather radar)


Climatology Maps for Vanuatu

i. Vanuatu National Climatology Maps

ii. Torba Climatology Maps

iii. Penama Climatology Maps

iv. Sanma Climatology Maps

v. Tafea Climatology Maps

vi. Malampa Climatology Maps

vii. Shefa Climatology Maps


Vanuatu Financial Projections Mechanism Technical Report

i. Financial Projections Mechanism report (working draft)

ii. Final Financial Projections Mechanisms Technical report

iii. Application of the Vanuatu Rapid Climate Risk Assessment Framework to the Tourism Sector Case Study on the Dive Industry. 


Fisheries Sector Case Study

i. Fisheries Baseline Assessment Report for Nalema and Tomman islands.

ii. Vanuatu Marine Heat Wave Survey Report 2023

iii. Developing an Effective Fisheries-Based Marine Heat Wave Risk Assessment Methodology for Use in Vanuatu

iv. Past and projected future impacts of coral bleaching on the reefs of Vanuatu 


Vanuatu Tropical Cyclone Outlook

i. 2022/2023 National Tropical Cyclone Outlook and key messages

ii. 2023/2024 National Tropical Cyclone Outlook and key messages


National Climate Outlook Forums (NCOFs)

i. 2023 NCOF report


Climate Science Training Handbook for Sectors 

Session 1 - Climate Science Training for Sectors

Session 2 - The Climate System

Session 3 - Climate Variability and Climate Change

Session 4 - The Climate in Vanuatu

Session 5 - Seasonal Climate Forecasts and drought monitoring

Session 6 - Ocean information and products

Session 7 Climate and ocean information sector applications


Climate Information Services Audience Survey

2023 Audience Survey report


Weather Radar Environmental Management and Social Safeguards

Radar EMSP report

Magaliliu-Lelepa radar consultation report

National Weather Radar Consultation report


Vanuatu Climate Update

i. January 2024

ii. February 2024

iii. March 2024

iv. April 2024

v. May 2024

vi. June 2024

vii. July 2024

viii. August 2024

ix. September 2024

x. October 2024

xi. November 2024

xii. December 2024


2024 News Articles

Vanuatu Empowers Communities to harness traditional knowledge for climate resilience



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