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Pacific Hydrological Services (PHS) Panel

The Pacific Hydrology Services (PHS) Panel was established at the Fourth Meeting of the Pacific Meteorological Council (PMC-4) in Honiara 2017. It was established to serve in the capacity of an advisory committee to the PMC on hydrological services matters in the Pacific region, with emphasis on flood and drought warning and management at the national and regional level.


The purpose of the PHS Panel is to provide general advice and guidance to the PMC on matters related to hydrological services, with an emphasis on flood and drought warning and management at the national and regional level, as prescribed in the Pacific Island Meteorological Strategy 2017-2026 and other international and regional frameworks such as the Framework for Resilient Development in the Pacific.

The PHS Panel will also assist the work of the PMC by collaborating with relevant partners on the development and implementation of new programmes and initiatives to enhance the capabilities of PICTs to provide quality hydrological services.


The PHS Panel provides technical advice and guidance to the PMC on the following:

  1. To establish links and improve coordination between the PMC and international and regional organizations with an interest in hydrological services.
  2. To provide guidance on the design and scope of current and future programmes that support hydrological services at the community, national and regional levels.
  3. To provide regular reporting to the PMC on progress of the PHS Panel activities.
  4. To work with partners, including the WMO RA V Working Group for Hydrology, to progress the development and implementation of new programmes and initiatives to address identified gaps in PICTs capacity to provide quality hydrological services relevant to Pacific Island environments and circumstances, including.
  •  The development and maintenance of hydrological networks, data collection, quality control, archival and exchange at national and regional levels.
  • the provision of more accurate, timely and reliable forecasts and warnings related to floods and drought, and effective communication of these to vulnerable communities;
  • the effective, management, analysis, production and dissemination of hydrological information, products and services;
  • the development and maintenance of effective and efficient information management systems for hydrological data;
  • improved approaches to the assessment, monitoring and management of water resources (surface, groundwater and rainwater);
  • the application of quality management frameworks to support the sustainability of hydrological services;
  • Progress the capacity development agenda of NMHS on hydrology and hydrogeology including training and research; and
  • Promote coordinated activities on climate change and climate variability related to hydrology and the water resources sectors including drought vulnerability.



The Pacific Meteorological Desk Partnership at SPREP provides the secretariat support for the panel.


For more information, please contact Tessa Tafua ([email protected]) and Salesa Nihmei ([email protected])

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