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climate change

Next Generation of Climate Project for a Resilient Pacific

In the effort to build a resilient Pacific island region, countries and partners across the region are dealing with a need for new analysis and guidance for climate projections. These tools will help them better deal with climatic disruptions and events. 

To grapple with these issues and build on lessons learned from the Pacific-Australia Climate Change Science and Adaptation Planning (PACCSAP) is the ‘Next Generation Climate Projections for the Pacific.’ (Next Gen)

Team Pacific at the UN Climate Change Negotiations in Marrakech, Morocco: Solomon Islands

Part of our series featuring quick snippets from Pacific island negotiator, introducing you to the people representing the Pacific islands in the Climate Change negotiations. Today from Morocco we introduce you to Mr Chanel Iroi of Solomon Islands - #4PacIslands

Mr Chanel Iroi first entered the Climate negotiations in 2001, for him his role models are the champions that continue to look after Mother Earth and our environment.

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