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Part of our series featuring quick snippets from Pacific island negotiator, introducing you to the people representing the Pacific islands in the Climate Change negotiations. Today from Morocco we introduce you to Mr Chanel Iroi of Solomon Islands - #4PacIslands

Mr Chanel Iroi first entered the Climate negotiations in 2001, for him his role models are the champions that continue to look after Mother Earth and our environment.

Q What are your highlights from your years in this process?
"It would have to be the COP21 in Paris, which is one of the highlights of this negotiations because it involves all Parties and countries unlike the previous Kyoto Protocol, including the big emitters and those countries vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Some of the highlights are the partnerships and friends that are built along the way."

Q What are the challenges that you face?
"You have to be prepared to come to these negotiations, you need to do a lot of readings so that you understand and do not get lost in whichever agenda items they are following, you also have to prepare to have sleepless nights during these negotiations. Another challenge is that you must ensure that you continue to build your capacity in your delegations, continue to involve up-and-coming young people so that once the oldies are gone, the new people will continue in the process as it will continue in the years to come."

Q What advice would you have for new Pacific island negotiators?
"It's an enjoyable journey to be involved with climate negotiations because we meet a lot of people from a lot of countries with a lot of different cultures and backgrounds but you need to ensure that you are prepared. Do a lot of reading on what is happening in the decisions and what happened in the previous COPs so that once you come in you don't get lost in the puzzle but you understand what's going on. Remember, it's not a scientific process, it covers science, our economies and development – cross-sectorial issues."


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