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Vanuatu’s climate data in safe hands thanks to CliDE

Vanuatu's meteorologists and climatologists are responsible for keeping the country forewarned about weather and climate events that might impact lives and livelihoods. But they need good quality weather data to do this—and this data needs a strong house to protect it so that it can be used to make reliable and useful predictions about Vanuatu’s future climate.

Vanuatu Sarakata River Flood Management Plan to safeguard lives and livelihoods

Most of the time, the Sarakata River in Espiritu Santo is a serene and beautiful waterway. After heavy rainfall, however, it becomes a raging torrent, flooding adjacent populated areas. Although such floods are a natural phenomenon, human-induced climate change is making the rainfall events that cause this flooding more extreme. This is resulting in more severe flooding in the Sarakata River catchment and is leaving adjacent communities more vulnerable in terms of their physical safety, economic stability, and overall development.

Vanuatu: Van-KIRAP rescues historical climate data

The Vanuatu Klaemet Infomesen blong Redy, Adapt mo Protekt (Van-KIRAP) project supported the Climate Division of the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-hazards Department carried out the rescue of thousands of historical records as well as a major cleaning up of the archive room, removing dust and brightening up the National Climate Archives.

VMGD is the custodian of Vanuatu's meteorological data that dates back to the 1950's and longest complete records in the Pacific region. 

Climate information that leads to resilience

Better resilience outcomes for 60% of Vanuatu’s population is a result of enhanced climate information and technology infrastructure.

The enhanced Vanuatu Climate update (VCU), Monthly Climate Summary and the Early Alert Rainfall Watch are tailored climate products that are circulated every month by the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-hazards Department (VMGD) to targeted development sectors: tourism; agriculture; infrastructure; water and fisheries.

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