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Drought: The Unspoken Killer


Defined as a period of below-average precipitation sometimes coupled with increased temperaturesdrought is an issues that has arisen for a multitude of reason throughout the years. Known to last several years – the longest recorded one lasted over 400 – droughts can have a dramatic effect on agricultural, the environment and local socio-economics. From the seasonal droughts that befall those in the dry tropics, to more rare large scale events in various areas around the world, droughts are a serious issue that doesn’t often get much attention.

Apart from the obvious problem caused by a droughtland degradation, reduction of available water resources, potential for crop failures and livestock death as well as negative effects on our own wellbeing, there are also many other dangerous side-effects. Increases in temperatures and arid climates make for great wildfire conditions, you need look no further to this year’s droughts in areas like California, Portugal or Australia as precursors to the fires experienced in those countries.


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