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Pacific Climate Change Science Programme

Project Description

The Pacific Climate Change Science Program will assist decision makers and planners in 14 Pacific island countries and East Timor better understand how their climate has changed and how it may change in the future.

The Pacific Science Program despite the reported effects of climate change in the Pacific region, scientific information is still limited. The PCCSP is helping address this urgent need for better scientific knowledge so Pacific nations can prepare for the future.

The PCCSP is examining recent climate trends and natural variability, as well as developing regional climate projections. The research began in 2009 and is being conducted through a partnership between Australian science agencies, principally the Bureau of Meteorology and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. Active engagement with partner countries and regional organisations such as SPREP is building capacity to effectively apply the results of this research.

New, detailed and country-specific science about current and future climates. This research will enable partner country governments to make more informed adaptation and development planning decisions. It will be delivered in a variety of forms including a technical report:‘Climate Change in the Pacific’. Increasing the capacity of government stakeholders to understand and use climate projections. Building on earlier activities, the PCCSP will conduct in-country visits to deliver national and regional climate projections to a range of stakeholders.

The aim is to build an understanding of the information and how it may be used in decision-making and planning. Ongoing capacity building of National Meteorological Services and other government agencies. Building the capacity of partner countries to conduct climate science research and improve their climate services is integral to the PCCSP. The tools and software programs being developed will help National Meteorological Services improve the efficiency and level of their services and build research capacity.

Regional training workshops with National Meteorological Services have been conducted and the capacity building program will continue with in-country visits. Increasing awareness of climate change within partner countries and the region.

Concise individual country summaries will provide understandable information about the current and future climate. Partner countries will be able to use these communication tools to enhance climate change awareness among country stakeholders.



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